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Welcome to my website! My name, if you haven't already guessed, is (big reveal) Austin Rodriguez. My creative industry adventure started in the early 2010's making silly YouTube videos with friends and videogames using Windows Movie Maker and filming with my Mom's Sony Coolpix. Since then, I've graduated from those tools to a Nikon Z6II and a full Adobe Suite, turning this hobby of mine into professional work.


When I'm not working my full time job as a Post Producer, I'm shooting, directing, and editing whatever projects are on my plate. I've worked closely with celebrities through my camera work on Gen2Gen Podcast, SAG-AFTRA, & The Colin Higgins Foundation. I produce my own podcast, What's the Name of YOUR Podcast?, and take on freelance editing & directing jobs. 


Whether it's music videos, photoshoots, non-linear editing, graphics, or podcasts; I have the tools, insight, and experience to produce it.

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